Technology platform

Traditional marine Chinese drug R&D lab

The modern marine traditional Chinese medicine R&D laboratory focuses on the research and development of new drug. On the basis of《The Chinese Marine materia medica》,the aim of the laboratory is to develop new drug by researching the effective substances、component compatibility、preparation technology and quality control of classical prescription on traditional marine Chinese medicine with the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases、tumor、diabetes, etc, .Meanwhile, modern Chinese medicine research and development technology are applied to expand traditional marine Chinese herb resources and to establish quality standard of traditional marine Chinese medicine by utilizing rich resources of marine medicinal organisms in China.

Research Fields

Research Fields

·  The research and development of new drug from traditional marine Chinese medicine;

·  The research and development of traditional marine Chinese herb resources;

·  The research of quality standard of traditional marine Chinese herb;

Technological Service

Technological Service

·  The new drug of 1-9 research and declaration of traditional Chinese medicine;

·  The research and declaration of health foods and functional foods;

·  United research and declaration of hospital preparation of traditional Chinese medicine;

·  Technology reform of pharmaceutical enterprise of traditional Chinese medicine;

·  Active substances extraction and quality standard establishment of traditional Chinese medicine and nature products;