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Center for Analytical Chemistry

Our cross-disciplinary research program is focused on the development and application of innovative analytical platforms providing advanced methods and technologies relevant to marine medicine, sugar engineering, fermentation and synthetic fields. The mission of the center for analytical chemistry of Qingdao marine biomedical research institute is to engage in cutting-edge scientific research and develop advanced methods in analytical chemistry. On the basis of ensuring high product quality, we strive to achieve the resource sharing, and enhance scientific research and innovation capacity.

About us

 About  us

Central Analytical Research Facility is one of the three public service centers in Marine Biomedical Research Institute of Qingdao. Our center consists of state-of-the-art instruments and managed by professional staffs, who provide advice to potential clients on relevant analytical and sample preparation techniques, perform analyses for clients and ensure good maintenance, calibration and performance of the equipment. The mission of our center is to solve critical and comprehensive problems in analytical chemistry during the research and development of marine drugs and marine resources, and to develop new analytical methodologies upon the request of our clients. Our center provides technical support and project assistance for scientific research of different clients, such as universities, companies and government. On the basis of ensuring high product quality, we strive to ensure the optimal utilization of research equipment, and enhance innovation capacity.


Instruments and Equipment

Agilent Pro pulse 500MHz NMR

The unique design of the probe provides high performance for both high and low frequency observe and decouple experiments. The One NMR Probe exhibits excellent sensitivity, RF Homogeneity, lock sensitivity and salt tolerance for both low and high frequency nuclei. Temperature range: room temperature to +130 ºC

Cary 4000 UV 

Light source: deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp; Monochromator: bifacial duplex Littrow monochromator; Detector: high sensitivity photomultiplier; Wavelength range: 175 ~ 900nm; Wavelength accuracy: ≤ ± 0.08nm; Wavelength repeatability: ≤ ± 0.005nm; Instrument noise: ≤0.00003A (0A at 500nm); Bandwidth: 0.01 ~ 5nm, 0.01nm interval automatic adjustment; Luminosity range: ± 8A.More instruments are getting ready in 2015.


Technique Service

·  Structure analysis

·  Traditional Chinese medicine quality control and fingerprinting 

·  Qualitative and quantitative analysis of drug ingredients

·  Analysis of the active ingredients in functional foods and drugs

·  Physical & chemical tests

·  Determination of solvent residues

·  Additive analysis

·  Targeted method development

1. Analytical methods during drug development projects

2. Development and validation of analytical method

3. Analysis and quality control of raw materials

4. Identification of unknown impurities

·  Others



Click here to download the instructions for submitting samples for NMR service and click here to download the NMR service request form.

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Address: No. 23 East Hong Kong Road, Qingdao, Shandong

Phone: +86-532-80932627