Technology platform

Pharmaceutics research and development center

The pharmaceutics research and development center aims at the development and industrial transformation of novel marine drug pharmaceutics and novel marine drug carrier and excipient. It is found that the various marine organisms active ingredients, including anti-tumor, antiviral, anti-vascular and anti-diabetes ingredients are hard to be made into medicine due to their special characteristics, such as hydrophobicity, toxic side effects, or low bioavailability. In view of these problems, modern preparation techniques including sustained and controlled release, microsphere, liposome and nano-polymer techniques are employed in this center to facilitate those active ingredients being transformed into medicine. Moreover, based on the characteristics of marine polysaccharide, which are biodegradable, safe and effective, and versatile, novel drug carrier/excipients and medical devices are expected to be developed in this center.  

Research fields

Research fields

·  Sustained and controlled release delivery technology

·  Liposome preparation technology

·  Biodegradable injectable-microsphere technology

·  Biodegradable nanoscale polymer technology

·  Aptamer-mediated targeted drug delivery technology

Technical service

Technical service

The pharmaceutics research and development center possesses complete range of equipment for the development of solid, semi-solid and liquid preparations. The center is able to undertake the preparation, research and new drug application of various medicines,containing small-molecule chemical medicines, herbal medicines, natural medicines and Chinese-Western compound medicines.