Technology platform

Modern marine drugs R&D lab

The modern marine drug R&D laboratory focuses on the drug discovery based on the structure of active naturalcompounds frommarine resources with promising druggablity prospects.With employingthe concepts, methods and techniques of modern organic synthesis, combining with modern drug design, the new drug candidates are obtainedand further developed into clinical drugs on the basis of the total synthesis, structural optimizationand structure-activitystudies. Thislaboratory is also a technology platform for developing new synthetic methods, large-scale preparation of marine natural products to deal with the difficulty of obtainingof marine natural compoundsdue to the complex structure.

Research fields

Research fields

·  Total synthesis and structural modification of active natural marine products.

·  Structure optimization and druggablity research of marine drug candidates.

·  Large-scale preparation of active marine compounds.

Research objects

Research objects

·  Marine terpenoids

·  Marine polyphenol compounds

·  Marine glycosides

·  Marine peptides