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Marine medicinal resources lab

Marine Medicinal Resources Laboratory dedicates to the exploration and application of marine microbial resources including functional polysaccharides, algae tool enzymes, and secondary metabolites from microorganisms. We also focus on the classification, functional assessment and the study of extreme environment microorganisms. The microbial resource database has been built, which mainly includes variety photosynthetic bacteria, probiotics, edible mushrooms, Cordycepsmilitaris, pollutants degradation bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, etc. Systematic studies have been carried out in the area of microbial isolation, activities screening, and related products preparation. The laboratory equipped with a complete pilot production line to achieve its amplification. The related technologies have reached the international advanced level, such as the application of marine tool enzymes and the fermentation and insect host cultivation of Chinese Caterpillar Fungus.

Main directions

Main directions

·  Resource of microbial polysaccharides and related production technologies

·  Comprehensive functional microbial database

·  Application technologies of marine tool enzymes

·  The medicinal fungi resource and its development of novel foods

Technology services

Technology services

·  Direction screening techniques of the functional microbial 

·  Strain services and production consultation

·  Optimization and production technique for active components

·  Technology training for food inspection and quality control