Technology platform

Marine glycodrug R&D lab

The Laboratory of Marine Glycodrug Research and Development(MGRD) devotes to the research and development of innovative carbohydrate drugs based on the library of marine oligosaccharides and the key technology of drug development. The goal of this laboratory is to establish the systems of pharmaceutical technology and pharmaceutical theory for marine carbohydrates and their derivatives so as to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to glycodrugs.

Research Fields

Research Fields

·  Extraction, separation and structural analysis of carbohydrates.

·  Key technology of glycodrugs research and development.

·  Preparation and application of glycan chips.

·  Research and development of marine glycoengineering innovative drugs and functional products.

Technological Service

Technological Service

·  Isolation and purification of polysaccharides/oligosaccharidesand glycoconjugates

·  Structure characterization and physicochemical properties determination of polysaccharides/oligosaccharides.

·  Engineering and industrialization of carbohydrate drugs.

·  Preparation, detection and analysis of oligosaccharide standard substances.