About us


We aim to dredge the chain of “discovery —technology—engineering-industry” and build a marine biomedical technology transfer platform to promote high technology outputs and the development of marine biomedical industry, by entrepreneurial manner and take the collaborative innovation model. Thus, it is——
● Marine biomedical research and development center;
● Marine biomedical industry of new technology, new product incubator;
● Marine biomedical products output accelerators;
● Lead engine of Marine biomedical industry development.

Key Task

● We take the great discoveries found in marine active natural products as research objects, dredge bottleneck, accelerate the industrial transformation process. We will research and develop modern marine drug, traditional marine Chinese drugs and kinds of functional products, and promote the development of Marine biomedical industry.
● Using modern life science research results, combined with modern technology, integrated innovation of Marine drugs (modern medicine, Chinese medicine and functional products) for the development of technology, finally, form the core technology with independent intellectual property rights system, and form a strong international competitiveness.
● Gathering Marine drug innovation elements resources both at home and abroad, to build the international Marine medicine new products, new technology development talent highland, build international exchange center of Marine drug development.
● Carrying out new technology and new products incubation task of marine biological pharmaceutical industry, accelerating the pace of new products and new technology industrialization of the pharmaceutical industry.